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Nathaniel L. Wheeler II

Nashville, Tennessee



Tennessee Technological University

May 2021

Bachelor of Arts / Digital Design

Cookeville, Tennessee

GPA: 3.6

Marketing Experience:

Tennessee Technological University

2020 - present

Digital Designer

  • Designed Eagle Works competition marketing/posters

  • Won Craft Center Design Contest, had shirts made for the whole department

  • Collaborated with local officials to design the county logo

  • Create branding strategies for small businesses

Wheeler Works Design

2019 - present

Business Owner

  • Completes three large branding projects a month

  • In the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, designed postcards for families and friends

  • Collaborating with clients to make the most successful project possible

Class Projects:


A visual narrative on fear, feeling small, justice, and the cycle of violence. The project sought great attention from the art department head. Collaborated with the Black Cultural Center at Tennessee Technological University to create a new logo for the center.


Created a professional branding strategy that impressed many. Went on to use this as a template for future branding projects.

Campus Organizations and Leadership:

Black Cultural Center (BCC)

  • Collaborates with chairmen to welcome diversity in the university

Innovation Entrepreneurship

  • Presents and collaborates ideas on marketing strategies for the university


Adobe Software

  • InDesign

  • After Effects

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

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